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Terminatryx Remyx v2

TERMINATRYX "Remyx v 2.0"

From the very start, TERMINATRYX intended to have all albums converted into remixed versions.
2011 had the full remixes of the self-titled debut album (plus bonus tracks) see light of day as "Remyx v1.0".
"Remyx v2.0" covers remixes of the 2014 "Shadow" album, with some talents from v1.0 returning to give the
Terminatryx songs a new approach, plus some fresh blood and exciting new remixers.
[Check out details on the "Remyx v1.0" album here]

Returning remixers deconstructing, reinventing, chopping and changing the Terminatryx "Shadow" album include:
BATTERY 9 (South Africa)
iRONic (South Africa)
MR SAKITUMI (South Africa)

Newcomers to the reconstruction of the TERMINATRYX audio universe include these South Africans:

[Check out details on the "Shadow" album here]

A full remixed album remains a rarely accomplished feat in South African music (especially Alternative acts),
but Terminatryx still doesn't conform and likes to break norms and stereotypes.
You can expect the Terminatryx songs to enter both a new and deliciously familiar world on this exciting experiment
in long distance collaboration!
Until its release on 30 September on all major digital platforms (and a hard copy plan in the works),
singles will be dropped exclusively at Bandcamp.

The first single "Medusa (iRONic Remix)" was launched together with its music video at Metal4Africa's Winterfest '17.

Terminatryx Medusa

Get the Medusa track here:

Watch the Medusa video here:

The second and third singles, "Scars (Grimehouse Remix)" and "Gone (Khemical Krypt Remix)" will be launched
at the TERMINATRYX 15th anniversary show, Saturday 26 August (ROAR, Observatory, Cape Town).
A few more singles will be revealed leading up to the "Remyx v2.0" album's official launch at the 18 TIL I DIE
all ages show, Saturday 30 September (also at ROAR).

[ further info on all the remixes and their remixers will be updated below ]

For all TERMINATRYX albums and tracks

or at iTunes
and all reliable digital platforms


Terminatryx Shadow Terminatryx Remyx v2

Cover design conversion of the original "Shadow" album and its "Remyx v2.0" incarnation was again handled by Dr-Benway,
like v1.0, also undergoing a "remix" of its own.
(Logo designs by Paul Blom)


Grimehouse Terminatryx

"Scars" - remix by GRIMEHOUSE (South Africa)

Cape Town Alternative Metal / Industrial Rock and Drumstep / Dubstep met with a bang when Terminatryx co-founder / producer Paul Blom connected with Keaton Carelse (Grimehouse) on the Build Your Scene podcast - https://soundcloud.com/buildyourscene/s2e4

Paul dropped the question whether Grimehouse would be keen to contribute a remix to the Terminatryx "Remyx v2.0" album, and Keaton jumped on it without hesitation, resulting in a kicker of a track. 

Here's the single: https://terminatryx.bandcamp.com/track/scars-grimehouse-remix


"Shadow" - remix by INDUSTRIEZONE (Austria)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Having blown us away with his Industriezone remix of Terminatryx debut album track "Venus Rising", we simply had to get Chris Hall to take on another song, and he delivered in spades with title track "Shadow"!


lloyd price
lloyd price pic by simon isaac

"Holy" - remix by Lloyd Price (UK)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx): Lloyd the electronic genius is back!


pic by dr-benway

"Medusa" - Remixed by iRONic (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Having taken on "SleepWalkers" on the debut album's remixes, Terminatryx drummer Ronnie (aka iRONic) was excited to not only remix "Medusa", but also co-directing its video alongside vocalist Sonja.

Pre-mastered Single: https://terminatryx.bandcamp.com/track/medusa-ironic-remix

Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyZN9gvIfow



"Nothing" - ISOBEL acoustyx recreation (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
For this track we thought it would be interesting to have vocalist Sonja's dark acoustic project Isobel give the song a reworking.


battery 9

battery 9
live pic by paul blom

"Masjien" - BATTERY 9 - Sementkop Mix (South Africa)

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx):
We were so excited to have Industrial legend Paul Riekert of Battery 9 remix our first Afrikaans song "Siek+Sat" on the first remix album, and simply had to have him back. So, our second Afrikaans song "Masjien" was the obvious choice, but a random brain-flash had us ask Paul if he'd be keen to do a semi-mash-up of this track and his Battery 9 hit from the late-'90s "Kiss The Machine" - He agreed!


Khemical Krypt

"Gone" - remix by KHEMICAL KRYPT (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
For this track we injected some young blood in the shape of Cape Town audio anarchists Khemical Krypt.
Pre-mastered single: https://terminatryx.bandcamp.com/track/gone-khemical-krypt-remix

mr sakitumi

mr sakitumi
pic by Colette Yslie

"Outcast" - remix by -MR. SAKITUMI (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Our friend and man of many musical talents Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakitumi) had to be included again, giving the track a groovy Glitch treatment.



"???" - another Terminatryx cover version is being worked on
(South Africa) - Bonus Track

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
If we do get to include this, one hint : it will again be from the‘80s

In Misery

"PuriFire" - remix by IN MISERY (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
We stumbled upon In Misery by accident on Facebook when discovering that Spectral Realm's drummer has this side project. Really liked what he heard and asked him to take on a song!


F8 Fate

"Metropolis" - remix by F8 (South Africa)

Paul Blom (F8 / Terminatryx):
In 2017 I came to realise that I embarked on F8, my bass-guitar-only experimental solo project 20 years ago! When one of our remix choices couldn't commit to taking on the song, I thought it would be fun to remix one of my own bands by one of my solo projects!


photographer / cover design lynx:



"Metropolis" remix by -
F8 (South Africa)
"Holy" remix by -
Lloyd Price - of The Frixion (UK)
"Scars" remix by -
GRIMEHOUSE (South Africa)
"Masjien vs Kiss The Machine" mash-up by -
Paul Riekert / BATTERY 9 (South Africa)
"Shadow" remix by -
"Gone" remix by -
"PuriFire" remix by -
IN MISERY (South Africa)
"Nothing" remix by -
ISOBEL(South Africa)
"Outcast" remix by -
MR SAKITUMI (South Africa)
"Medusa" remix by -
iRONic (South Africa)
"???" cover by -
TERMINATRYX (South Africa)
Possible additional bonus remix -
by ???


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