TERMINATRYX Live Album Launch Review
4 July 2008, The Labia Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

This unique CD launch in the movie theatre setting had the band play beneath the big screen with a synced-up video
backdrop accompanying the entire show. The album launch was a double feature in that the live
show was followed by a pre-release screening of the new werewolf movie Skinwalkers.

Oh yes, it was good!

Kudos and max. respect to Paul & Sonja for pushing the boundaries a lil' further out, challenging the perceptions of what a 'live gig' is all about. (It was difficult to remain seated in the theatre as the music definitely leant itself to bodily gyrations of the extreme sort, still it was fun to see people rocking out in their chairs!).

Closing song 'Siek + Sat' was brought to vivid life with awesome effect thanks to some simple yet damn effective visuals!

This band definitely has many facets; what you hear recorded on CD is just one, live is another... and visually - yet another... sonically this band is next level.... Support them...!

Looking forward to seeing what they put together for the VNV Nation show!

- Jon Monsoon

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