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TERMINATRYX "Shadow" album
by Dave Stewart-Candy (Canada)

Dave Stewart-Candy



My initial thoughts after listening through the album the first few times:

Ever since Gary Numan’s The Pleasure Principle, I’ve always liked it when albums kick it off with an instrumental track. Overall the finished product is very, very polished – and like the "Remyx v1.0" album was just that much tighter in all aspects than the original debut album, this is just that much, if not more, a step upwards in the production work. Not sure if that’s due to Theo’s studio hands in the pie, but if so, then keep him around to bake the next album-full of goodness.

Usually with this style of music, due to my own music background, my ears are usually tuning into the rhythm and percussion tracks, electronics, etc. and how they work alone, as well as with the rest of the music. What I like is all the extra bits interspersed here and there that add to the depth of the percussion.

Song writing seems to have really come together here – no weak tracks. Nice to see "Masjien" sung in 'Die Taal' (The Language) – the abrasive nature of Afrikaans obviously lends itself well to Industrial flavoured music, but what is surprising is when Sonja sings more melodic (in the bridge around 1:50), it then comes across with a refreshing subtle quality not usually heard (one complaint my wife has when I listen to any Afrikaans music, is how all the guttural G’s stick out like a sore thumb to her North American English-only ears, as if any G’s are being excessively forced simply to be pretentious).

Having two versions of the song "Shadow" makes for a great, wonderful bridge between the diverse sounds Terminatryx has – the ‘normal’ version with the more Goth or ‘Siouxsie’ feel of earlier songs like "Midnight" – before it is then stripped down and pushed out on the dancefloor with Industriezone's remix worthy of a the remix album. It shows how versatile the songwriting is by being able to take the same song and push it successfully in different directions.

All in all, you guys have outdone yourselves once again and pushed the bar even higher.
One is left to wonder just how you will follow this up...


After I got home from work Friday, while chilling with some brews I did a Terminatryx marathon and played all three albums back to back to back non-stop... I hadn’t listened to the first album as a whole in a while, so needed a refresher – and admittedly I forgot just how good that album is.
Anyways, I love how your music grows / matures / refines its sound from album to album, yet still never compromises on retaining the overall, constant Terminatryx sound and vibe throughout all three releases.

Like I said earlier, you go from strength to strength.

Dave Stewart-Candy
30 & 31 March 2014

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