Live soundtrack performance by
TERMINATRYX & special guests from

@ The South African HORRORFEST
Labia Thetare, Orange Street, Gardens, Caoe Town, ZA

NOSFERATU - Rhythms and Reels

The movie theatre is completely dark. All around you fellow patrons are decked out in their Halloween best (or, more accurately, worst) and on screen the cult classic film from 1922, Nosferatu begins.

Then the music starts — not from the soundtrack as we've become accustomed to, but provided by the band Terminatryx (& collaborating musicians). Like the movie, the band is mainly known to those who hang out in darker spots.
Maybe because of this fact, there is a special bond between the film and the music. Both dark. Both disturbing. And both outwardly frightening, but immensely artistic once you look beyond the obvious. And not as scary.

The following year (2007), at the same festival, The Cabinet of Dr Caligary was screened. It was equally moving. This experience won't appeal to those who go to the cinema to switch off. No, here you are confronted with a picture from a previous age that fuses, live, with music from the present one. This union, depending on the artists involved, could be a magical one – elevating both the film and the music to levels not experienced where a filmmaker is involved, puppeteering your emotions through the subtle use of music.

- by Eduan Maggo
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