October 2010

This issue featured TERMINATRYX key members and South African HORRORFEST organizers
Paul & Sonja as the cover story.
Paul also wrote an article on South African Metal (a 5000 word piece that had to be trimmed down to around 1000
with a lot of detail unfortunately being lost in the process).
See both articles below

LMG Horrorfest

Cover Credits:
Featuring Sonja Ruppersberg & Paul Blom from Terminatryx, South African HorrorFest, Flamedrop Productions, & Shadow Realm, inc.
Picture & post-production by Dr-Benway
Concept by Paul Blom, Sonja Ruppersberg & Dr-Benway
Sonja's red devilgirl make-up & hair by Daleen Badenhorst & Clinton Smith from Cosmesis
Paul's styling by Sonja Ruppersberg
Boots by New Rock
Guitar from Paul Bothner Music
Corset & Shirt by Wolf Clothing
Skull-Moon by Paul Blom

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South African Horrorfest LMG


Paul Blom Metal article LMG

Paul Blom Metal article LMG

Paul Blom Metal article LMG

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