Live review of the NOSFERATU live soundtrack performance @ OPPI KOPPI - August 2009

Terminatryx (and special guests) played an ambient, goth-inclined live soundtrack to the silent vampire film Nosferatu in the dust of the new Bushveld Stage at Oppi Koppi. What more do you need to know, music lovers – the very fact that this happened shows how far the festival has progressed, and the fact that it was as good as it was – and held the interest of the Koppi faithful while they could have been watching Foto Na Dans and Teba – proves that if musicians have talent, skill and vision, and stick to their artistic guns, then the audience *will* find them.

I have only one small quibble – Terminatryx needs an uplighter under drummer Sean Ou Tim, who has black hair and was wearing a high-collared, almost polo-neck black top. Imagine the face of the beat floating above the band as Murnau’s vampire-parasite creation creeps around on the screens to either side…

PS: If y’all missed this, check out the DVD release that Terminatryx did with their soundtrack (recorded live at the HorrorFest film festival screening) over the silent film. 

- Evan Milton

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