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It was originally released in 2015 as a Fangoria Musick exclusive HERE

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Read a Metal4Africa article on the release of this Terminatryx collection celebrating the band's 13th year (in 2015)
with quotes from all band members reflecting on the (first) 13 years:


The TERMINATRYX collection "Lucky 13: Anthology I" hit the digital realm worldwide,
very aptly on Friday 13th November 2015.

These 13 tracks celebrate the unique female-fronted Cape Town band’s 13th anniversary of Alternative / Rock / Metal /
Gothic / Soundtrack inspired music creations, and include songs from across the band’s recordings (the self-titled debut
album of 2008, "Remyx v1.0" from 2011, and "Shadow", released in 2014).  

This first Terminatryx anthology was released by FANGORIA MUSICK (the digital audio imprint of the world's foremost name in Horror since 1979)

The acclaimed Terminatryx Horror-inspired music videos made Fangoria a perfect home for this assembly of music across the band's history.

Get “Lucky 13” was originally an exclusive release via Fangoria Musick
but is now also available at BANDCAMP

(Track listing & descriptions below)

Album cover image by Dr-Benway / make-up & hair by Cosmesis / logo & skull-moon by Paul Blom.

Access an article by Metal4Africa (with quotes from all band members reflecting on their first 13 years) at metal4africa.com/news/terminatryx-lucky-13-anthology-i-launches-worldwide

Full Terminatryx albums and individual tracks available at www.terminatryx.bandcamp.com , iTunes , CD Baby , Amazon mp3 etc.

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TERMINATRYX - "Lucky 13: Anthology I" track listing

1. Metropolis *
2. Scars *
3. Midnight (The Awakening Remix)  **
4. Up To You  ***
5. Shadow  *
6. SleepWalkers (iRONic Remix) **
7. We Come In Peace  ***
8. Virus (Axxon Remix)  **
9. Outcast  *
10. Gone  *
11. Maciste Descends (Makabra Ensemble)  **
12. Medusa  *
13. Absinthium (Mr Sakitumi Remix)  **

* from the 2014 album "Shadow"
** from the 2011 album "Remyx v1.0"
*** from the 2008 album "Terminatryx"

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A pre-launch show was held for Lucky 13 a week earlier on 6 November at the Terminatryx 13th anniversary show -
Mercury Live, Cape Town, and also featured bands linked to Terminatryx via its members incl.:
A MURDER (now known as ISOBEL)

In addition the event co-hosted the 11th annual SA HorrorFest's after party.
The only other shows in support of the collection will be 19 Dec at ROAR and on New Year's Eve at the Geraas Plaas event.



We always start our albums with an instrumental, for this one it is the Industrial-infused "Metropolis".  It had its first genesis at one of our Makabra Ensemble movie soundtrack creations, being Fritz Lang's Metropolis - it was our opening scene for the movie and was evident from the start that it would become the opener for the new album.


"Scars" is very self-explanatory in that it juxtaposes and compare physical, mental and psychological scars that can be inflicted on people, be it by themselves or somebody else, and highlights how the external scars can be harder to hide than the internal ones, and remain as a reminder of what may have happened to you, how close you came - but the invisible ones can be far more traumatizing and lasting. 

3. MIDNIGHT (The Awakening Remix)

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx): The song Midnight has a very special place in my heart; as the first writing contribution to the Terminatryx album. I wanted this song to land in the hands of someone very special and the most obvious choice was Ashton of The Awakening. My years as a serious Goth started out at the Purple Turtle in the mid-‘90s. The most magical evening that I recall was going to see The Awakening, Ashton had a packed venue in the palm of his hand. I was also blown away when I was lucky enough to see them on their Wham Bam Glam tour. Ashton has always had the ability to re-invent himself but to stay true to his roots. Unfortunately for us The Awakening is now based in Chicago (USA) and the remix came alive through e-mails and the Internet. I am extremely grateful to Ashton and the Awakening for this incredible remix as it is one of my favourites, and I’m very happy that it is included on this album.

Ashton Nyte (The Awakening):
With this remix my intention was to highlight what I most enjoyed about the song, which included emphasizing its solid industrial groove undercurrent. Being a fan of light and shade, I added a few drops of melodrama and allowed a few more empty spaces to creep into the mix. Hopefully this gives the song a little more space to breathe without losing it's dancefloor appeal. All in all, the point was to have fun with a cool track and hopefully bring something to the party in doing so.


One of the more pacy tracks on the debut album, it is a rallying call for independent thought, a sense of self, individuality and living with the consequences of your decisions. 


"Shadow" was our opening sequence for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (also created for one of our Makabra Ensemble live soundtrack re-scorings a few years back), and deals with man's duality and our capacity to embody both good and evil.  Being created by Sonja and Paul, it has a total Terminatryx vibe and with some expansion became the track from which the album title was drawn.  One of the unlikely inspirations for this song came from Sonja wanting something along the lines of Bjork's "Army Of Me" - the traces are hard to find, but with adding and evolving, it became its own beast with the Terminatryx identity. 


Ronnie Belcher (iRONic / Terminatryx): The original version of ‘Sleepwalkers’ is one of my favourite Terminatryx tracks, so when I was approached to be part of the remix album, it was my obvious choice. The album version is simple yet complex and I felt it could benefit from an even more advanced rhythmic. The resulting drum patterns are now more intricate and are complimented by some additional monotonous synthetic bass lines. I also love the voice intro of the original version, so I included it in various parts of the remix, especially in the middle breakdown. Terminatryx has since included this remix version in their live set, to critical acclaim.


The song takes a look at the possibility of alien life and their potential motivations for visiting earth,
and what their perception of our stupid little species might be.
Another lead guitar piece by original guitarist Tom was retained from early demo recordings.
(While mixing the track with Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios, Sonja started feeling very ill - her appendix ruptured
and was off to the ER for emergency surgery!)  

8. VIRUS (Axxon Remix)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx): Axxon came to our attention via Rory Molyneaux (who went on to create A Walk With The Wicked). With not many South African bands or projects venturing into the Industrial realm, we were very pleased to find another likeminded soul in Cape Town. At the time Axxon was the solo project of Stephen Green (since then expanding into a live unit with guitars & drums)

Stephen Green (Axxon) :
The idea was to restructure the song so that it had a chorus/verse structure. Starting with a bass-line and a basic beat, Sonja's melodic vocal portion of the song became the chorus. As the song began to take a basic shape, more complicated elements were added; atmospheres and sharp, cutting lead synths. The original guitars were cut and reordered, to change the overall sound of the lead guitar. Influences for the remix come from groups such as Imperative Reaction and Grendel.


"Outcast" was written quite a few years back, but never had lyrics, just Sonja's vocal melody - It sounds so cool and epic (like it should be in the end credits of Game Of Thrones or something!), so we kept it like that.  Heike Langhans (of Draconian) guest vocals with Sonja on the track, and Matthijs Van Dijk (from our Makabra Ensemble) plays violin and added extra orchestration.

10. GONE

The narrative for the song "Gone" follows a person who reaches a point in their relationship where they decide to leave - the determination is expressed in the heaviness of the song.
It has a somber undertone, as an experience like that is not an uplifting one - so the lyrics and music compliment each other, without the vocals being harsh or extreme.  But in the long run, this decision encapsulates a sense of freedom.


Paul Blom (Terminatryx / The Makabra Ensemble): In 2005 Sonja and I created the annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (over Halloween season). Along with it we set the stage to create new original soundtracks for classic silent horror movies, and perform it live beneath the screen. This Terminatryx-driven project is called The Makabra Ensemble also includes diverse musical collaborators Sean Ou Tim, Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe and Matthijs Van Dijk, and collectively utilise everything from guitars, bass, voice and keyboards, to electric violin, programming, drums, percussion and the theremin to breathe new life into legendary silent movies.

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx / The Makabra Ensemble):
Each year’s sold out Makabra Ensemble performance is for a different movie, and have included Nosferatu (released with its new soundtrack on the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD), The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Haxan, Maciste In Hell, and The Phantom Of The Opera. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is set for the 2011 HorrorFest. All of these will be released on DVD in due course.
"Maciste Descends" is one of Paul & my compositions from the Italian movie Maciste In Hell (Maciste all' inferno), and is the scene where the title character is tricked and hurled into hell.


"Medusa" came about very quickly, but had its genesis many years ago.  Paul had the main riff bouncing around his head for over 8 years, and when a more punchy song was needed to complete the album, one afternoon he wrote the rest and recorded a demo.  
Sonja has always been fascinated with the tragic mythological character of Medusa.  It was one of those songs that just happened - She listened to Paul's demo and it just clicked - she always wanted to delve into that character, be it via a photo-shoot, video, song… So it worked out well.
Guitarist Craig Vee has known Sonja, Paul and co-producer Theo respectively before any of them met(!)
He was brought in to play guest lead on this track.


Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakitumi): After going through all the bits of the original, it was the synth line that grabbed me and inspired me to build the rest of my remix. It sets up the anticipation of what I envisioned as an epic battle, futuristic or medieval. The duduk and flute parts of the original (played by Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe) serve as the call to arms, the drumming as the charge and the guitars as the inevitable clash in battle. I approached this remix as a kind of soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist yet.

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Musical genius Sean Ou Tim has played in loads of bands and can handle any instrument. He is also part of our Makabra Ensemble live movie soundtrack project. We wanted someone exceptional to tackle the moody Absinthium instrumental (which also features flute and upright bass by Simon Fuzzy Ratcliffe, another Makabra Ensemble member, Sean’s fellow Lark bandmate, and mixer of the Terminatryx debut album).


The cover image is a shot of Terminatryx co-founder Sonja and Paul, by Dr-Benway
(with make-up and hair by Daleen Badenhorst and Clinton Smith from Cosmesis / boots by New Rock)
Logo and skull moon by Paul.


Music videos of songs on the collection include:
MIDNIGHT (The Awakening Remix)
and the original version of VIRUS (anthology incl. the remix)
See them at www.youtube.com/Terminatryx
or below





MIDNIGHT (The Awakening Remix)


VIRUS (original version)


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