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Terminatryx – Terminatryx

  1. Venus Rising

  2. CONsume

  3. VIRUS >://v_ir-US<

  4. Midnight 

  5. Sleepwalkers 

  6. Tabloid Android 

  7. Symbionic 

  8. We Come In Peace

  9. Up To You

  10. The Love Song

  11. Siek+Sat

  12. Absinthium

Track one (Venus Rising) gets straight to the point and lets you know what to expect from the album. It is a hard hitting instrumental track which creates a sense of domination with its hard hitting rhythmic marching beat! Track two (CONsume) fast became a personal favourite for me! The lyrics are captivating and the combination of Paul and Sonja’s vocals with the unique industrial sound of this track makes it unforgettable. Track three (VIRUS >://v_ir-US<) is a diverse track with an alluring atmospheric sound. The combination of Sonja’s voice along with the music is absolutely enchanting. Track four (Midnight) is another track that I really enjoyed. The precise rhythm and regimented beat along with the vocals are stimulating. Track seven (Symbionik) is another instrumental with a more calming mood behind the music, although it still maintains the beat that is very characteristic of the rest of the album! Track ten (The Love Song) is a refreshing alternative to the everyday overindulgent, soppy love songs produced by the mass production music of the mainstream. It is captivating with its aggressive sound and embittered, cynical lyrics! Track 12 (Absinthium) is a more tranquil instrumental track which rounds off the album perfectly and brings an ideal form of closure to the album.

On a whole I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album. I would recommend to all of you who enjoy good music, and appreciate a band who writes lyrics with significance, get this album! It’s a definite keeper!

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