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Terminatryx Remyx

TERMINATRYX "Remyx v 1.0"

Late-2008 / early-2009 TERMINATRYX embarked on expanding the scope of their self-titled debut album
by finding the right people to remix the entire record, a rarely tackled endeavor in South African music
(except for mainstream artists doing a few tracks per album, not the entire thing).
It led to an incredible range of collaborators from around the world putting a brand new spin on the
already unique TERMINATRYX songs,
from Dance, Industrial and Avant-Garde styles, to Trance, Aggro-Tech, EBM, Electronica, string- & acoustic versions, plus more.
The final product was mastered the week of Sept 11th at Sound & Motion Studios.

[ scroll down for further info on all the remixes and their remixers, magazine reviews etc.]

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To celebrate the release of "Remyx v1.0", the TERMINATRYX back catalog and related releases (CD & DVD)
is available at a special reduced price
(incl. the self-titled debut album, "Terminatryx/Nosferatu" DVD, "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation album
and "V.O.D Archives Vol.II" DVD)



Extensive trailer feat. extracts from all the TERMINATRYX debut album songs,
alternated with their remixes + bonus tracks:

   TERMINATRYX debut album & "Remyx v1.0" twin trailer © 2012 Flamedrop Productions



"Venus Rising" - remix by INDUSTRIEZONE (Austria)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Very few South African bands have released remix albums of every single track on their release. We don’t like to be ordinary, so shortly after the release of the self-titled TERMINATRYX album, (and before the “TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU” DVD) we got cracking.
At the beginning of this amazing collaborative process we had some people in mind, but we sent out our feelers to see who else may be interested. Eugene McArthur from Koffin Kids had a few suggestions – one of these were Industriezone. We’d never heard of them but were absolutely thrilled with their version of the opening instrumental. We loved it so much, we’ve incorporated a live version of it to open our shows.

Chris Hall (Industriezone) :
Taking on the Venus Rising remix, I wanted to keep the spirit and atmosphere of the song – so I just transferred it to a more danceable version. I mainly used the original sounds and modified them through my various machines and software.


martin degville
martin degville pic by sam mackenzie armstrong

lloyd price
lloyd price pic by simon isaac

"CONsume" - remix by -Martin Degville & Lloyd Price - SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK ELECTRONIC (UK)

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx): The year was 1987 and I was about 12 / 13 years old. I was introduced to Sigue Sigue Sputnik by a friend, Gareth Wiehan. The vinyl album cover was fantastic and I could not get over the beings from the future with their big hair and post apocalyptic style. I was fascinated and upon hearing the first couple of seconds of Love Missile F1 -11, I was in shock, in love and completely entranced by this group. The group was such a hit that we even had a Sigue Sigue Sputnik party and I wanted to look like Martin Degville.
The year is 2010 and we were invited to open for Martin Degville and his new configuration of Sputnik Electronic! I was nervous to meet my idol and was relieved that he was such a sweetheart and I was immediately fond of him. We opened for them, and their show was incredible. My dream came true to not only meeting Martin, performing with him, seeing him perform live and having the opportunity of spending time with him, but when he agreed to remix our track CONsume (with Lloyd Price) I was over the moon and could not believe our good fortune. Late one evening after they’d returned to the UK, we got a call from London - it was Martin wanting us to listen to the mix!! I feel such personal honour and gratitude to Martin and am extremely proud to include this mix of CONsume on our album.
The Sputnik journey has come full circle in my life and I will always be grateful to bands like Sigue Sigue Sputnik for their innovation and their inspiration. They are the sound track to many happy memories in my life. Our thanks and gratitude to Martin, Johann and Lloyd.

Lloyd Price: The CONsume mix was put together mainly on my iPhone using various apps for synths and arrangement. Once the basics had been done the track was bounced over to Logic where we layered the vocals, added the vocal fx, mixed the guitars & generally tidied it up. Martin and I work mainly over the internet, so a series of emails were bounced back and forth with urther ideas added as time went on. It was a cool mix to do.



"Virus" - remix by -AXXON (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Axxon came to our attention via Rory Molyneaux (who went on to create A Walk With The Wicked). With not many South African bands or projects venturing into the Industrial realm, we were very pleased to find another likeminded soul in Cape Town. At the time Axxon was the solo project of Stephen Green (since then expanding into a live unit with guitars & drums)

Stephen Green (Axxon) :
The idea was to restructure the song so that it had a chorus/verse structure. Starting with a bass-line and a basic beat, Sonja's melodic vocal portion of the song became the chorus. As the song began to take a basic shape, more complicated elements were added; atmospheres and sharp, cutting lead synths. The original guitars were cut and reordered, to change the overall sound of the lead guitar. Influences for the remix come from groups such as Imperative Reaction and Grendel.



"Midnight" - remix by -Ashton Nyte / THE AWAKENING (USA / RSA)

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx):
The song Midnight has a very special place in my heart; as the first writing contribution to the Terminatryx album. I wanted this song to land in the hands of someone very special and the most obvious choice was Ashton of The Awakening. My years as a serious Goth started out at the Purple Turtle in the mid-‘90s. The most magical evening that I recall was going to see The Awakening, Ashton had a packed venue in the palm of his hand. I was also blown away when I was lucky enough to see them on their Wham Bam Glam tour. Ashton has always had the ability to re-invent himself but to stay true to his roots. Unfortunately for us The Awakening is now based in Chicago (USA) and the remix came alive through e-mails and the Internet. I am extremely grateful to Ashton and the Awakening for this incredible remix as it is one of my favourites, and I’m very happy that it is included on this album.

Ashton Nyte (The Awakening):
With this remix my intention was to highlight what I most enjoyed about the song, which included emphasizing its solid industrial groove undercurrent. Being a fan of light and shade, I added a few drops of melodrama and allowed a few more empty spaces to creep into the mix. Hopefully this gives the song a little more space to breathe without losing it's dancefloor appeal. All in all, the point was to have fun with a cool track and hopefully bring something to the party in doing so.


pic by dr-benway

"SleepWalkers" - Insomnia remix by -iRONic (South Africa)

Ronnie Belcher (iRONic / Terminatryx):
The original version of ‘Sleepwalkers’ is one of my favourite Terminatryx tracks, so when I was approached to be part of the remix album, it was my obvious choice. The album version is simple yet complex and I felt it could benefit from an even more advanced rhythmic. The resulting drum patterns are now more intricate and are complimented by some additional monotonous synthetic bass lines. I also love the voice intro of the original version, so I included it in various parts of the remix, especially in the middle breakdown. Terminatryx has since included this remix version in their live set, to critical acclaim.


"Tabloid Android" - TERMINATRYX Acoustyx version (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
With most of the remixes being electronically morphed and re-arranged, we thought it would be a good alternate to give at least one track an acoustic touch. I’ve never played nor recorded an acoustic guitar in my life, but am always up for a challenge. So I grabbed an acoustic bass & -guitar from our friends at Paul Bothner Music (in Claremont, Cape Town) and punched it out, adding extra percussion with guitar body taps.
At a high volume the track still sounds quite heavy, and is not exactly a chilled 'unplugged' version.


sheep on drugs
pic by dr-benway

"Symbionik" - remix by -SHEEP ON DRUGS (UK)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
In August 2008, Terminatryx supported Sheep On Drugs on their South African tour. With the mutual appreciation of each band for the other, we had to inquire whether SOD would be keen to remix one of the tracks. To our delight they were, and opted for the instrumental Symbionik. What I really love about the remix process is how the different remixers are drawn to the various parts, highlighting bits that may have disappeared n the original mix and giving it a new life.

Lee Fraser (Sheep On Drugs):
I tackled the remix in my usual manner: dismantled the song, put the parts in a bag, shook it up, and put it back together blindfolded, under duress...


modern e quartet

"We Come In Peace" - remix by -MODERN-E-QUARTET (Greece)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
While on Facebook, I was contacted by Costas, asking me if we want to collaborate. With We Come In Peace yet to be remixed, I suggested they tackle this one. Using mainly electronic string, at the time they were still known as The Athens Arts Ensemble.

Costas Anastassopoulos (Modern-e-Quartet):
To arrange “We Come In Peace” from Terminatryx, Modern-e-Quartet used electric violin, electric cello, synthesizers and drums. We recorded the piece at PitAssbil’s Studio (edited and mastered at Studio19 in Athens, Greece). Those instruments created all sound effects, distortions, etc. Only voices and one sonar effect from the original Terminatryx song was retained. Inspired by the basic voices theme, Modern-e-Quartet introduced their own musical version.
Valia TK : synthesizers / Costas Anastassopoulos : electric violin /   Christopher Humphrys : electric cello / Pit Assbill : drums



"Up To You" - remix by -NuL (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
When picking someone to take on Up To You, the Aggro-Tech / Industrial flavour of Nul was our first choice.

Adriaan Pelzer (Nul):
Inspired by the brilliant textural intensity of Sonja’s vocals, we started fucking with her voice in every possible way. The entire song was built up by extending these bits of warped vocals with electronic textural elements, and adding it to the straight, four to the floor beat. The rest just kind of fell into place by itself. The original is a brilliant song, and all the elements marry each other very well ... which made our job very easy.


jekyll and hyde

"The Love Song" - Not A Love Song remix by -JEKYLL & HYDE (South Africa)

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Staying in tune with trying to get a wide variety of remixers together, we wanted to get a Trance take in there as well. So we contacted an old friend of mine, Gregg Subsonic Nutter (Death-Metal drummer turned Trance DJ) to give it a go, which has ended up as one of the few Jekyll & Hyde collaborations seeing the light of day.

Gregg Subsonic (Jekyll & Hyde):
The track was chopped up in Cubase then re-created using modern trance techniques using a trance kick and bass. Predator, Virus & Vanguard VST synths were used to create synth sounds, plus samples and percussion. I chopped out vocals from The Love Song and also included the wind instrument intro of the Terminatryx instrumental Absinthium.
Since then Jekyll & Hyde have totally gone our separate ways...


battery 9

battery 9
live pic by paul blom

"Siek+Sat" - remix by -BATTERY 9 (South Africa)
English translation: "Sick+Tired"

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx):
The SA landscape in the early ‘90s, with the exception of bands like V.O.D was (in my opinion) a sad state of affairs. But then out of the blue came the Industrial strength machine of Battery 9, and it annihilated everything boring and drab in its path. The first time I saw them live was at the Kaktus op die Vlaktes at the first KKNK - I could not even remember any of the other bands on stage that night. Finally there was something on the SA music scene that I could relate to and I made sure to catch them every time they came to the “Slaap Stad”.
Battery 9 stands out as one of the most innovative and original groups in SA and what an honour to have "Siek+Sat" remixed by Paul Riekert. Let the Industrial Revolution continue!

Paul Riekert (Battery 9):
I love distilling things, and doing a remix is the perfect opportunity. I listened to "Siek+ Sat" until I knew the song, and identified the parts that excite me most, culled them from the original tracks, and made a "new" song from those parts. I'm also a sucker for repetition. Most songs have too many parts for my liking, and once I have the distilled ingredients, I repeat them mercilessly. Halving (or in this case, "quartering") the original drum track's tempo had some interesting results, to my ear it made everything else sound heavier. 
I always try to cook up something new with the ingredients, adding a pinch of my own muti, but at the same time respect the artist(s) - staying true to the vibe of the original track.

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Having known Paul Riekert for over a decade as a fellow alternative music mind, it was no sweat to get him to commit to remixing a song. Initially we thought of having him do CONsume (since Battery 9 also has a track with the same title), but we left the track choice up to him, and to our delight, he wanted to do Siek+Sat (our Afrikaans track), giving it that unique Battery 9 flavour.


mr sakitumi

mr sakitumi
pic by Colette Yslie

"Absinthium" - remix by -MR. SAKITUMI (South Africa)

Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakitumi): After going through all the bits of the original, it was the synth line that grabbed me and inspired me to build the rest of my remix. It sets up the anticipation of what I envisioned as an epic battle, futuristic or medieval. The duduk and flute parts of the original (played by Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe) serve as the call to arms, the drumming as the charge and the guitars as the inevitable clash in battle. I approached this remix as a kind of soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist yet.

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
Musical genius Sean Ou Tim has played in loads of bands and can handle any instrument. He is also part of our Makabra Ensemble live movie soundtrack project. We wanted someone exceptional to tackle the moody Absinthium instrumental (which also features flute and upright bass by Simon Fuzzy Ratcliffe, another Makabra Ensemble member, Sean’s fellow Lark bandmate, and mixer of the Terminatryx debut album).


pic by jim morel

"Obsession" - cover version by TERMINATRYX (South Africa) - Bonus Track

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
When it came to our first cover version, it had to be an ‘80s classic. We wanted to give Holly Knight and Michael Des Barres' classic '80s song (popularized by Animotion) our TERMINATRYX stamps, transposing it to our style without trying to go overboard in both intensity, or changing any of its basic elements and structure. We did switch the dual lead vocals to be exclusively female (with some heavier male backing). Programming & vocals were recorded at Flamedrop (extra programming by iRONic), with guitars, bass & live drums recorded & mixed at Theo Crous’ Bellville Studios (plus his additional guest rhythm guitar). The final mix went through his analogue desk.


makabra ensemble
pic by paul blom

"Maciste Descends" - The Makabra Ensemble (South Africa) - Bonus Track

Paul Blom (Terminatryx / The Makabra Ensemble):
In 2005 Sonja and I created the annual South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (over Halloween season). Along with it we set the stage to create new original soundtracks for classic silent horror movies, and perform it live beneath the screen. This Terminatryx-driven project also includes diverse musical collaborators Sean Ou Tim, Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe and Matthijs Van Dijk, and collectively utilise everything from guitars, bass, voice and keyboards, to electric violin, programming, drums, percussion and the theremin to breathe new life into legendary silent movies.

Sonja Ruppersberg (Terminatryx
/ The Makabra Ensemble): Each year’s sold out Makabra Ensemble performance is for a different movie, and have included Nosferatu (released with its new soundtrack on the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD), The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, Haxan, Maciste In Hell, and The Phantom Of The Opera. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is set for the 2011 HorrorFest. All of these will be released on DVD in due course.
"Maciste Descends" is one of Paul & my compositions from the Italian movie Maciste In Hell (Maciste all' inferno), and is the scene where the title character is tricked and hurled into hell.


pic by jim morel

"Siek+Sat" - TERMINATRYX Undead On Speed remix (South Africa) - Bonus Track

Paul Blom (Terminatryx):
"Siek+Sat" is our first song in Afrikaans (one of our 11 official South African languages - derived from Dutch). The original version is one of our faster tunes, but I reckoned, why not speed it up even more and end this collection of alternative Terminatryx tracks off with a bang!
Sonja loathes this version...!


photographer lynx:


"Midnight (The Awakening Remix)"

The original "Midnight" showed the band's Gothic side, and the only choice for its remix was South African Gothic legend Ashton Nyte and his band The Awakening. Ashton moved his band to the USA several years back, but Paul & Sonja re-connected with him on-line and the trans-Atlantic remix became a reality.

TERMINATRYX "Midnight (The Awakening Remix)" Music Video
2012 Flamedrop Productions

"Siek+Sat (Battery 9 Artillirie Mix)"

Live fan-shot clip at the 4 March 2015 MINISTRY South African Tour show with TERMINATRYX as official support band.
(The video footage is supplemented with still images from the night)
Battery 9 kingpin Paul Riekert was invited to perform guest backing vocals for this live rendition of the song he remixed
for Terminatryx (on our "Remyx v1.0" album)
[ produced & edited by Paul Blom ]

cover version
The msuic video for this bonus cover version has a theme of voyeurism and the supernatural.
We incorporated Theo Crous (who played guest rhythm guitar and mixed the track) in the narrative.

TERMINATRYX "Obsession" Music Video
2012 Flamedrop Productions


rolling stone

TERMINATRYX "Remyx v1.0"
in Rolling Stone Magazine
(Feb 2012 issue)
click here
muse magazine
TERMINATRYX "Remyx v1.0"
in MUSE Magazine
(Oct/Nov 2011 issue)
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kultur magazine

TERMINATRYX "Remyx v1.0"
in KULTUR Magazine
(Jan 2012 issue)
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2011 review of TERMINATRYX self-titled 2008 debut album in MUSE Online (Nov 2011) in anticipation of the remix album release - click here

Saturday 10 December
Streamed live from Sound & Motion Studios, 7pm SA Time

The 2011 Sound On Screen Music Film Festival will close on Saturday 10 December at 7pm with a special global live performance streaming
event by Cape Town's Industrial-Metal band TERMINATRYX, for the release of their ambitious international remix album, "Remyx v1.0",
with a set containing both original tracks and live versions of remixes from their self-titled album (released via ENT).
The location is the intimate White Room of Sound And Motion Studios (Cape Town), with a small select group of invited guests & press,
the performance will be streamed on-line to the rest of the world (exact international time zones will be listed).

Promoted via the Sound On Screen Film Festival, one lucky winner from the collected audience poll cards was drawn at the show.
Scott Miller won the slick HAMER electric guitar from PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC, Claremont (Tel: 021 674 4030)

"Remyx v1.0" Launch shows will stretch into early 2012, and include TERMINATRYX performing at ROCK THE RIVER New Year's Festival,
and METAL 4 AFRICA's 2012 Summerfest (28 January at Klein Libertas, Stellenbosch).

For all other TERMINATRYX CD & DVD releases (available at a special price)

This Sound & Motion session was made possible with the assistance of:

sound and motion
point blanc


Terminatryx CDs
vthe original & remix cover transformation
Self-titled debut cover by Paul Blom (photography by Graham Abbott)

"Remyx v1.0" cover by Dr-Benway & Paul Blom


"Venus Rising" remix by -
"CONsume" remix by -
Martin Degville & Lloyd Price - SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK ELECTRONIC (UK)
"Virus" remix by -
AXXON (South Africa)
"Midnight" remix by -
"SleepWalkers" remix by -
iRONic (South Africa)
"Tabloid Android" remix by -
TERMINATRYX Acoustyx (South Africa)
"Symbionik" remix by -
"We Come In Peace" remix by -
"Up To You" remix by -
NuL (South Africa)
"The Love Song" remix by -
JEKYLL & HYDE (South Africa)
"Siek+Sat" remix by -
BATTERY 9 (South Africa)
"Absinthium" remix by -
MR. SAKITUMI - Sean Ou Tim (South Africa)
"Obsession" cover by -
TERMINATRYX (South Africa)
"Maciste Descends" by -
(Terminatryx movie soundtrack project) THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE
(South Africa)
"Siek+Sat" Undead On Speed remix by -
TERMINATRYX- (South Africa)

Bonus Tracks:

Holly Knight & Michael Des Barres' classic 1980s song "Obsession" (popularized by Animotion) is the first ever
TERMINATRYX cover version added to the live set late-2009, and is included as a bonus cut.
"Maciste Descends" - a track from one of the Terminatryx-driven MAKABRA ENSEMBLE live movie soundtracks further expands
the album's diversity and impact.
The "Undead On Speed" version of "Siek+Sat" closes this ambitious project with a bang.
(exclusive additional content is accessible via a smart phone QR code in the CD sleeve)

The TERMINATRYX "REMYX v 1.0" album was released by ENT Entertainment, December 2011. Distributed by IRIS.

To order the TERMINATRYX "Remyx v1.0" album

To celebrate the release of "Remyx v1.0", the TERMINATRYX back catalog and related releases (CD & DVD)
is available at a special reduced price
(incl. the self-titled debut album, "Terminatryx/Nosferatu" DVD, "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation album
and "V.O.D Archives Vol.II" DVD)



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Flamedrop Productions