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The long awaited new studio album by female-fronted Cape Town-based Alternative-Metal / Industrial-Rock band TERMINATRYX was released on 4 April 2014.
(Terminatryx pronounced: "Terminaytricks")

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Never ones to follow convention, with Terminatryx entering its 12th year, the new album takes the band into yet another realm (following their self-titled debut album; its full remixed version "Remyx v1.0" incl. international & local remixers; the "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation; and the "Terminatryx / Nosferatu" DVD featuring that classic silent vampire film with a new original soundtrack).
This Flamedrop Production was produced by Terminatryx co-founder Paul Blom and the renowned Theo Crous - the duo wanted to add a new dimension of sonic force, yet not diminish the potential accessibility of the songs.
With lead vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg having an equal hand in writing this album’s songs with Paul, her emotional perspective added a great deal to expanding the scope of the new songs that are filled with energy, passion and a drive to transcend the mundane.
(see track descriptions at the bottom of this page)

Known for being guitarist in bands like Springbok Nude Girls and K.O.B.U.S., and producing acts like Van Coke Kartel, Prime Circle, Parlotones and Dan Patlansky, Theo Crous also mixed the “Shadow” album and tapped into his heavier side. By recording at his Bellville Studios, a warmer analog element was added to the previous digitally dominated recording process of Terminatryx.

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Stream & buy the album at the link below:

The album is available on CD as well as reputed on-line locations including iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, OneWorld.co.za, directly from the band and selected South Africa stores)


The first 2014 live performance and first launch event for the Terminatryx “Shadow” album was on Friday 28 March at Mercury (Zonnebloem, Cape Town) together with The Awakening (on their first SA tour in over half a decade since they relocated to the USA), and newcomers Subvers.
Other 2014 shows to include Bring Out Your Dead (31 May at ROAR, Observatory, Cape Town), Metal4Africa's Winterfest 2014 (2 August, Klein Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch), Women In Metal (29 Au, ROAR, Observatory), Terminatryx 12th birthday show (14 Nov, Mercury, Cape Town)
Terminatryx has also been selected as official support for the single MINISTRY show in South Africa (4 March, Carfax, Johannesburg),
and both Terminatryx and Paul's band V.O.D has also been confirmed for Witchfest Open Air 2015 (Gauteng).


Special guest artists appearing on the TERMINATRYX "Shadow" album include:
FRANCOIS VAN COKE (Van Coke Kartel / Fokofpolisiekar) - gang backing vocals on "Holy"
HEIKE LANGHANS (Draconian - Sweden) - backing vocals on "The Outcast"
FRANCOIS BLOM (K.O.B.U.S. / V.O.D) - gang backing vocals on "Holy"
MATTHIJS VAN DIJK (Makabra Ensemble) - violin & orchestration on "The Outcast"
DICCON HARPER (V.O.D / Dragonforce / Pagan Altar) - bass guitar on "Holy"
CRAIG VEE - lead guitar on "Medusa"


The striking "Shadow" cover art and photography was executed by long-time Terminatryx collaborator Dr-Benway.


Several music videos will be produced for this album. The title track "Shadow" was launched on Friday 13 June (see below), and "Gone" on 14 / 11 / 14 - see both clips below.
More will be produced and posted at www.youtube.com/Terminatryx






Media coverage incl. Kultür Magazine and Sunday Independent cover features, Playboy South Africa, Underground Press, SA Music Scene,
as well as over a dozen recent (positive) reviews of the "Shadow" album from around the world (all reviews are posted, not just the good one).
These can be accessed at www.terminatryx.com/TXpress.htm (with more coverage to come).

Find Terminatryx on-line at:
Official: www.terminatryx.com
Like: www.facebook.com/Terminatryx
Follow: www.twitter.com/Terminatryx
Listen & Buy: www.terminatryx.bandcamp.com
Watch: www.youtube.com/Terminatryx
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/terminatryx/id555064177

TERMINATRYX is proudly associated with: Paul Bothner Music, WildFire Body Piercing,
New Rock Shoes, WildFire Tattoos, Cosmesis & Masque, Wolf Clothing, Sailor Jerry


A special Cape Town press launch event was held at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday 2 April where a full listening session happened. Sailor Jerry Rum was flowing!
The album’s audio was accompanied by a striking video exhibition of work by renowned local artist Vernon Swart.

TERMINATRYX "Shadow" Track Descriptions

We don't really like to explain or elaborate on songs, as we want the listener to explore and discover for themselves - not that it is all very cryptic, but different people will draw different things from each song, not necessarily via the lyrics, but also including the mood and emotion conjured up with the music.
Inspiration is based on personal experience, the way we perceive the world around us, and things we witness or friends may go through - a general sense of the world not being what it should be… or could be...

We always start our albums with an instrumental, for this one it is the Industrial-infused "Metropolis".  It had its first genesis at one of our Makabra Ensemble movie soundtrack creations, being Fritz Lang's Metropolis - it was our opening scene for the movie and was evident from the start that it would become the opener for the new album.

"Holy" takes a shot at hypocrisy and people whose holier than thou attitude is in fact quite the opposite - in today's climate of being politically correct, it emphasizes how fake people can really be - no sincerity. 
It has no religious connotation.
Guest performers, include Paul's old V.O.D bandmate Diccon Harper who played bass guitar, and Francois Van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar & Van Coke Kartel) and Paul's brother Francois Blom (also in V.O.D and K.O.B.U.S.) joining in on gang backing vocals at the beginning and end of the song.

"Scars" is very self-explanatory in that it juxtaposes and compare physical, mental and psychological scars that can be inflicted on people, be it by themselves or somebody else, and highlights how the external scars can be harder to hide than the internal ones, and remain as a reminder of what may have happened to you, how close you came - but the invisible ones can be far more traumatizing and lasting. 

Jumping back into a more Industrial mode, "Masjien" (Machine) is a flight of fantasy and a bit of a comment on man's technological development, but also how it can lead to his own demise.  We also make a point of always including an Afrikaans song, and this is the one for this album.

"Shadow" was our opening sequence for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (also created for one of our Makabra Ensemble live soundtrack re-scorings a few years back), and deals with man's duality and our capacity to embody both good and evil.  Being created by Sonja and Paul, it has a total Terminatryx vibe and with some expansion became the track from which the album title was drawn.  One of the unlikely inspirations for this song came from Sonja wanting something along the lines of Bjork's "Army Of Me" - the traces are hard to find, but with adding and evolving, it became its own beast with the Terminatryx identity. 

The narrative for the song "Gone" follows a person who reaches a point in their relationship where they decide to leave - the determination is expressed in the heaviness of the song.
It has a somber undertone, as an experience like that is not an uplifting one - so the lyrics and music compliment each other, without the vocals being harsh or extreme.  But in the long run, this decision encapsulates a sense of freedom.

"Purifire" looks at how your own actions can burn you, and placed in the guise of an exorcising
combustible entity and dispensing that "justice", as you pay for your sins - which is in fact your own conscience - kind of a more (self-)destructive karma force.

"Nothing" deals with the state of the world and our personal dissatisfaction in having to cope with it, and always having to pick the higher road.
It has a slow but intense (almost Doom-like) tone.

"Outcast" was written quite a few years back, but never had lyrics, just Sonja's vocal melody - It sounds so cool and epic (like it should be in the end credits of Game Of Thrones or something), so we kept it like that.  Heike Langhans (of Draconian) guest vocals with Sonja on the track, and Matthijs Van Dijk (from our Makabra Ensemble) plays violin and added extra orchestration.

"Medusa" came about very quickly, but had its genesis many years ago.  Paul had the main riff bouncing around his head for over 8 years, and when a more punchy song was needed to complete the album, one afternoon he wrote the rest and recorded a demo.  
Sonja has always been fascinated with the tragic mythological character of Medusa.  It was one of those songs that just happened - She listened to Paul's demo and it just clicked - she always wanted to delve into that character, be it via a photo-shoot, video, song… So it worked out well.
Guitarist Craig Vee has known Sonja, Paul and co-producer Theo respectively before any of them met(!)
He was brought in to play guest lead on this track.

11. SHADOW (Industriezone Remix)
The band was unsure if they'd do a full remixed album again as before (it can be very niche and costly, but great fun to have your songs re-approached) - so they decided to do at least one to be included on the album as a bonus - They turned to Chris Hall and his band Industriezone (from Austria) to remix the title track "Shadow" for that purpose.  It's a dark, sexy re-take on the song that adds another dimension to it (and gives it more dance floor accessibility).

And last but certainly not least, TERMINATRYX would like to send a huge THANK-YOU! to everyone around the world supporting our
"Shadow" album IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign! You all rock!!

Vaughan Hyman, Deon & Lucian Smit, Joan Blom, Willie Van Zyl, Amanda Els, Eileen Burgess, Blaise & Cader Sheasby-Khan,
Makiko Ideta, Stephane Bourque, Isolde Bayliss, Thomas Dorman, Este Kira, Rudolf Vavruch, Carine Engelbrecht, 

Coenie & Trudy Ruppersberg, Frederic Gogniat, David Torr, Ric Shields, Nirvana Naidoo, Jacques van Heerden, Sven Oberg,
Donna-Jane Downie, Lenore Scheepers, Phillip Fourie, Elizabeth Down, Slippery Lyzard, Maria Olsen, Cuan Knaggs,
Rian Botha, Nic Kotze, Dave Stewart-Candy

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